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Monday, June 15 2015

I Read Your Email!

NL;PR. (Not Long; Please Read!)

Being a system administrator, I read your email. Of course I do. If you didn't want me to read it, you wouldn't send it to me. I want you to read the email that I send to you, too, but I don't set your priorities so whether or not you read the email I send is entirely up to you and I'm not going to worry about it.

Starting today, Monday June 15th, 2015, I will assume even if I have reason to believe otherwise that all email that I send to you and which is accepted for delivery by the mail server(s) for your email domain:

  1. will promptly be read and understood by you;
  2. will be retained by you for future reference;
  3. addresses a subject which is unimportant to you at this time if you do not promptly act upon any action items contained within it.

If you're a current client I'd be thrilled to hear from you that you got as far as reading "the magic word" which is (intended humorously): nihilarian.

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