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Saturday, September 28 2013


As you might guess a guy like me ought to be, I'm absolutely compulsive about avoiding data loss. I provide an off-site backups service for my clients, and of course I take backups of my own stuff to the same server upon which I keep client data, and I keep another external drive sync'd with the most important stuff from my workstation. But that's not enough because I need off-site backups for my own data, too. I also need to keep a few devices synchronized. But I can't use the most popular services because they don't provide the level of security that I demand, the same level I provide for my clients.

Enter Wuala. It's similar to Google Drive and Dropbox, but with one very vital distinction: It's encrypted end-to-end, not just in transit. That means that the good folks of Wuala can't get at my data. It's mine. They won't be indexing my data to figure out which ads to serve to me. Someone getting hold of the files I've stored there, which are encrypted, won't be reading them any time soon.

The synchronization service ensures that my netbook has the files I consider most important on my workstation, up to date, when I hit the road. Any work I do while away is already on my workstation when I get back to the office -- no more fooling around with USB sticks, no more rsync'ing to get everything caught up. I just keep the Wuala client running, and the rest happens automagically.

And they give up 5GB of storage for free.

If you need something like that, give Wuala a try.

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