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Miscellaneous Handy Files

If you're using the perl module Mail::CheckUser and want to keep an updated list of wildcard MX'es rather than rely upon the outdated list that's hard-coded into the module, grab this file periodically. The file is updated daily and usage instructions are included right in the file.

Free Software

Webmaster Resources

A collection of information that might be of use to web designers, webmasters, and others who have to work with internet technology that is still just a bit foreign to them:

Finally, some vocabulary tips: "web site" is always two words. "Hacker" is not a guy who breaks into your computer. The guy who breaks into your computer is a "cracker", like a safe cracker. The title hacker is reserved as an honor for those who write software that's elegant through and through, or who manage to do things in software that mere mortals cannot accomplish. You'll look like a dweeb if you use these terms incorrectly in knowledgable technical company, so don't. Now you know.


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