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Friday, May 24 2013

AVX for Android

I'm really not a phone nerd, but the ability to carry a client for my server monitoring system in my pocket wherever I go makes the phone an essential device for my business.

That said: If you need or want a Siri-like application for your Android phone, just get AVX. Really. It's the best there is and just getting better.

The backstory: Some months ago I was just fooling around with my phone and thought I'd try some voice command/personal assistant/hands-free applications. I tried them all, everything that was on Play at the time. Some just flat out did not work, and the rest struck me as cute toys. Then I tried the trial version of AVX, Android Voice Xtreme. I was blown away.

I ran the trial version for the 28 days it was enabled, and found that it made my phone far more useful to me than I'd ever expected it to be. "Remind me when I get to the grocery store to buy green chiles". "Enable wi-fi when I get home". "Remind me in 40 minutes to take the bread out of the oven" Wow.

AVX does many other useful things beyond just time and location based reminders, but those are the functions I use most. I also use it to turn bluetooth and wi-fi on and off, enable/disable (the phone's) silent mode, initiate phone calls, send and receive text messages, and so on.

If it weren't for AVX, my phone would be completely worthless to me while driving — because I will not touch or look at the thing while the vehicle is in motion. AVX reads my text messages to me, and I can reply to them by voice, even if the phone is in my pocket. I can place calls by saying something like "Android, call Steve". I still don't like talking on the phone while driving and will only do so if I'm on open highway with not a lot of traffic around, but there's a lot of open highway around and usually not a lot of traffic on it. That's one of the benefits of living where I do.

If you need something like that, give AVX a try.

UPDATE 2015/02/10:
I really hate to say it, but AVX falls flat on its face in Android 5.n Lollipop and it appears that the developer has lost interest in the project. It's a real shame, as AVX still would do far more than Google Now and I hate being without it, but whatcha gonna do?

I'll update again if the developer gets AVX debusticated.

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