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Saturday, March 03 2018

Blacklisted! Part Four

Way back in part three I promised a part four that would describe some of the fallacies that keep people being spammers. I finally got my round tuit, more than five years later. Way back in Blacklisted! Part One I addressed four common delusions of the ostensibly legitimate businessman who manages to avoid seeing himself as the spammer the rest of the world knows him to be. This is not a reiteration of that list.

The most common false belief of the I'm-not-a-spammer crowd is that a bigger list is a better list. These folks believe that sales are proportional to the depth of the mailing list. There's some truth to this in direct (postal) mail marketing, but the post office essentially guarantees delivery. If you send a bulk piece to a thousand people, the fact that 950 of them think rotten things about you as they discard it unread doesn't alter the fact that the other fifty will read it. In electronic mail, if fifty of those thousand mark your mail as spam, the other 950 will never see your message and none will see the next one. Or the next, or the next...

Yes, you'll get through to the few oddballs who have no spam filtering. Some of those oddballs are spam traps. Have fun.

The second most common false belief of I'm-not-a-spammer is that it's more profitable to seek forgiveness after the fact than to seek permission beforehand. If you're one of them, here's your clue: No one believes that you didn't know you were spamming. Further, there's no due process requirement for rejecting your email.

The third, final, and most egregious of the common false beliefs is that a dirty mailing list can be made clean by paying someone who claims to do bulletproof list sanitizing. Bulletproof list sanitizing is technically impossible. Not inordinately difficult. Not something only the greatest of internet wizards can do. Completely impossible. And, to anyone who knows how these things work, completely laughable, too.

Which brings us to the conclusion of this silly little four and a half part project. The take-away: If you're sending promotional email to people you cannot prove are confirmed opt-in recipients you're a spammer, and if your product or service is otherwise viable you're probably hurting yourself by doing it.

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