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Monday, September 21 2015

Yes, My Internet Connection Is Flaky

If you're wondering why is having trouble receiving mail and delivering web pages: My connection is flaky right now and it's too late in the day to call the business-hours-only support line.

With luck we'll have fiber to the premises by late Spring...

UPDATE 2015/09/22: Tentatively Relieved
It appears that the bits and pieces between my office and the rest of the internet are all playing together nicely now.

→ committed: 9/21/2015 20:04:51

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Tuesday, June 16 2015

I Read Your Email!

NL;PR. (Not Long; Please Read!)

Being a system administrator, I read your email. Of course I do. If you didn't want me to read it, you wouldn't send it to me. I want you to read the email that I send to you, too, but I don't set your priorities so whether or not you read the email I send is entirely up to you and I'm not going to worry about it.

Starting today, Monday June 15th, 2015, I will assume even if I have reason to believe otherwise that all email that I send to you and which is accepted for delivery by the mail server(s) for your email domain:

  1. will promptly be read and understood by you;
  2. will be retained by you for future reference;
  3. addresses a subject which is unimportant to you at this time if you do not promptly act upon any action items contained within it.

If you're a current client I'd be thrilled to hear from you that you got as far as reading "the magic word" which is (intended humorously): nihilarian.

→ committed: 6/15/2015 21:15:00

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Tuesday, May 19 2015

Temporary Office Closure

I'll be out of the office from the afternoon of May 22 through May 31, reopening on June 1, 2015.

During that period I'll continue monitoring systems under contract and will respond to system failure alerts as always. Everything else will be on hold until the 1st.

→ committed: 5/18/2015 19:16:36

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Wednesday, December 24 2014

2014 Holiday Shutdown

I'll be out of the office until January 5, 2015.

All server monitoring and monitored server emergency response will continue as usual, but I'm not handling any non-emergency business or servers that are not under contract. It might be possible to bribe me to work, but it'll be quite expensive.

Happy Holidays!

→ committed: 12/23/2014 17:47:53

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Saturday, September 13 2014

Cell Phone Upgraded, Old Number Gone

I've recently acquired a new cell phone and with it a new carrier because the carrier I was using doesn't support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Accordingly, my number has changed. I'm not going to post it publicly because I don't need to hear from every salesdroid with a web browser and an offer I cannot refuse. If I somehow managed to leave you off of the bulk mail recipients list so you don't have my new number, please email me about it.

If you need to get in touch but don't have my email address handy, you can use my contact form.

Yes, the HTC One (M8), Google Play Edition, is a schweet device.

→ committed: 9/12/2014 21:10:09

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Thursday, May 15 2014

Schedule Change, TBD

I gave my "work/life balance" schedule a fair trial, about two years, and have determined that it was just not right for me. When I say "not right" what I really mean is very wrong, as I am about to explain.

It's not really news that many programmers will work at night whenever possible. The two most common explanations given are that (a) the brutal conditions of startup companies place unreasonable demands upon their usually short technical staffs, and (b) those whose primary work requires prolonged periods of intense concentration find the quieter time more conducive to that work. I am wholly unqualified to speak to the former as I've never been directly employed by a startup company, but of the latter I can say that there is some truth to it. I've often said that a two minute interruption can set a project back by two to four hours, and I stand by that. The only time this is not true is when the software project at hand is trivial. But there's more to the story, at least in my own case there is more to it. Another thing I am wholly unqualified to do is to speak for my entire profession, and I won't pretend otherwise. I acknowledge that I might be and probably am an outlier. With that said:

There's more ...

→ committed: 5/14/2014 23:16:38

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Thursday, August 02 2012

The Blog Is Back!

Suddenly I've an Elton John song echoing between my ears. :-)

After a long hiatus I've brought my blog back to life. The world may never be the same again. It's changed in the past few minutes, even. All of the working clocks now show a newer time so clearly we have got a little further into the future.

I will be updating fairly regularly with my inconsequential thoughts on life, conducting business on the internet, doing the things I do, and whatever else might hold my interest long enough to be written about.

Be well, fellow space travelers!

→ committed: 8/2/2012 10:25:06

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