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Wednesday, December 11 2019

The Joy of Plumbing

... is not mine. If you're wondering where I am today, twisted into painful contortions inside my kitchen cabinets is a good bet.

Among the things that there aren't in our dinky town are plumbers and a hardware store that's open late, all day Saturday, or at all on Sunday. So when a must-do comes along, I'm the guy who must do it when it can be done.

Among the things that aren't in my now extensive collection of spare plumbing parts is the pipe that broke after hours, which would have enabled me to turn the water back on so that I could finish the job. I'll have it in there for next time. Whoever gets stuck hauling my stuff to the landfill when I die is going to wonder if I had a hardware fetish.

UPDATE 2019/12/24: Done!
For those of you following along at home, our place is now completely repiped from main to faucets, and mostly put back together. Galvanized pipes be gone! Normality, or some approximation thereof, will be restored this evening. In theory.

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