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Tuesday, May 08 2018

My EU General Data Protection Regulation Compliance Statement

I do not and will not comply with GDPR. If you are a citizen of an EU member country, our terms of association are, at the minimum and non-negotiably, as follows, wherein "you" refers to you as a natural person, any and all organizations and/or other legally recognized entities with which you are, have been, or in the future become affiliated, your agents, assigns, and successors in interest, and the heirs, agents, assigns, and successors in interest of any organizations and/or legally recognized entities with which you are, have been, or in the future become affiliated.

  1. You acknowledge that availing yourself of the means and/or the products of electronic communication with me and/or my associates is by your own volition and necessarily must cause information which might otherwise be subject to GDPR regulation to be conveyed to me/us.
  2. You shall not deliver or cause to be delivered to me any information subject to GDPR regulation.
  3. You waive forever any and all ostensible right to inspect any systems, data, or any other property under my control.

I acknowledge that a paradox is created by this agreement. There is nothing I can do about this: I have no other means by which to convey these terms to persons yet unknown to me.

On a personal note: I wholeheartedly agree that the privacy violations committed by governments and industry are egregious, and I am not in any way opposed to restoring and jealously defending privacy rights, including my own. I don't violate or support the violation of anyone's privacy and would feel great measures of shame and self-loathing if I did.

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