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Thursday, December 14 2017

I Support Net Neutrality

Of course I support net neutrality. I also support community broadband, which is what now connects my servers to the internet and which is and always will be, in at least this one case, data neutral.

The medium that carries my data through the wall on its way to and from the internet is fiber-optic cable, and running at one Gigabit/second. No telephone or cable company offers anything more than a tiny fraction of that here, but they charge every bit as much or more for their best but still weak service. I'll soon gladly disconnect our wiring from the telephone network interface, and that will be that. The TV cable, completely dead and left by the previous owner, will be removed and scrapped.

For so long as I have an alternative, those who seek to partition the internet will get none of my business. I'm sure they'll never miss me, but it's important to me that I don't directly support them.

If any service you expect from my network is unavailable to you, take it up with your ISP or, far better, find another who hasn't put up toll booths on roads they didn't build.

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