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Friday, May 24 2013

AVX for Android

I'm really not a phone nerd, but the ability to carry a client for my server monitoring system in my pocket wherever I go makes the phone an essential device for my business.

That said: If you need or want a Siri-like application for your Android phone, just get AVX. Really. It's the best there is and just getting better.

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UPDATE 2015/02/10:
I really hate to say it, but AVX falls flat on its face in Android 5.n Lollipop and it appears that the developer has lost interest in the project. It's a real shame, as AVX still would do far more than Google Now and I hate being without it, but whatcha gonna do?

I'll update again if the developer gets AVX debusticated.

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Wednesday, May 22 2013

More Web Hosting Frustrations: Solved

About four months ago I wrote about some web hosting frustration I was enduring that was resolved in part by moving from one outfit to another. In discussion with my client then, I explained that my perspective of web hosting providers is that they're like white athletic socks — when you get tired of them falling down, you get new. They'll be great for a while, but it's just a matter of time before they're falling down. I could be jaded by too many unsatisfactory experiences with too many web hosting providers.

I recently acquired a new client who was tired of their web host falling down all the time. The web hosting provider in question is the one that the client from January moved to in order to escape frustration. Yes indeed, web hosting providers are like white athletic socks.

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