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Tuesday, March 19 2013

Blacklisted! Follow-up

Some time ago I wrote the first three of what was to be a four part series, and eventually I'll get around to part four. Today, though, I just want to do a little follow-up so we can all see how well getting our stuff in order can work.

If you've read those prior articles, you might remember this image from August of last year:

Sender Score Initial Recovery

What's happened since then? This:

Sender Score Final Recovery

The bulk mail is still going out as two campaigns per week, but we've trimmed out about a quarter of the recipient addresses. Whereas it was a list of over 40,000 addresses a year ago, it's about 31,500 addresses today. None of them spamtraps, all of them deliverable. And with a Sender Score of 99, it's probably a safe bet that those messages are not being automatically filtered as bulk by the mail service providers, so they're actually getting in front of human users.

I'm going to call it a win now.

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